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The current year is quickly coming to an end and now many employers are thinking about how to reward their valuable employees at the end of the year. Entrepreneur: let us help! As a thank you for a year’s hard work, give a gift that will delight both the recipient and benefit nature.

Onepuu’s gift, the Business Package, focuses on the protection of old forest and carbon sinks and encourages making sustainable choices in everyday life. It is a gift that surprises and stands out.

The business package includes a named, full-grown tree in the nature of Lapland, a certificate of its ownership, and a freely chosen gift worth about 100 euros from our partner’s online store. So it is not an ordinary trinket that is easily forgotten, but a living, full-grown tree whose ownership will delight your employee for decades. Contact us and we will tell you more about the business package.



Joni Pystoe

Joni Pystoe

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