Craftsmanship from start to finish

In addition to the ownership certificate, the owners of Onepuu’s trees receive a beautiful, handmade name sign for the tree they own. It is attached with a nature-friendly hemp rope that does not damage the wood. The name plate must withstand challenging natural conditions, from cold to humid and warm.

How are these conditions taken into account when making name plates? We briefly interviewed Marko of our Forest team, who makes the name signs himself. At the time of the interview, Marko had several new signs in the works.
Making new name signs starts by sawing discs from birch and sanding them smooth. The name of the owner of the tree is engraved on the disc. After that, an individual texture is burned onto the sign, and it is varnished three times. Thanks to this, the sign can withstand the harsh conditions of Lapland. In autumn, all name signs and birdhouses in the forest are checked and maintained if necessary.

Onepuu’s core values are closeness to nature, uniqueness and the protection of our wonderful forests. And we know that we share these values with countless others. Many have received great joy from being able to join in reviving their relationship with nature and protecting our forests – one tree at a time! Do you also want something unique for yourself? That’s what we thought. Click here for our online store or contact us. We will get you an ecological gift that will bring joy to you and nature!



Joni Pystoe

Joni Pystoe

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