News from the Aurora forest

Onepuu’s forest team made its autumn trip to the Aurora forest, which is located in Lapland, Tervola municipality. The weather favored forest team members Patrik, Joni and Marko. One of the purposes of the trip was to check the name tags and bird perches on the trees and to attach the signs of the new owners of the tree. While in the forest, the forest team spotted several birds, such as Siberian jay’s, and we even heard the call of a very endangered Willow Tit. This was especially gratifying because the stocks of the slob have collapsed to a worryingly low level throughout the country. It was great to notice that such an endangered bird can live in our peaceful, natural forest. In the vicinity of the Aurora forest, there were also four Wood grouse (Tetrao urogallus urogallus). A moose’s sleeping place was also found in the forest. All this confirms what we already knew: the Aurora forest provides a shelter for numerous different animal species – small and large.

One of the goals of the trip was also to photograph and videotape the Aurora forest for the renewed Onepuu website. This was a great success, and our page will soon have brand new video and photo material of this beautiful forest in its autumn glory.

During the visit, a plan for forestry needs was also made for the coming spring. This is very important because the trees in the forest can and grow better when they have space around them. In a forest that is too dense, the trees are at risk of getting sick, for example from various fungal diseases.

The forest team found that the Aurora forest is doing very well and the forest is ready to receive the Nordic winter.



Joni Pystoe

Joni Pystoe

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