Conduct fundraising in a modern way with ecological sales

By selling Onepuu trees, you can support not only your activities but also the environment. Owning Onepuu trees offers the opportunity to own a piece of Lapland's beauty while making an ecological act to support carbon sinks.

Why choose Onepuu for your fundraising project?

Ecological foundation

Onepuu is an ecological alternative to traditional fundraising products. By selling
trees, we support biodiversity and environmental friendliness.


A full-grown personal signature tree with a nameplate from the unique Aurora-named forest in Lapland. A certificate of Onepuu ownership. An investment in a greener future for up to 500
years. This premium product is intended for both individuals and companies and provides a good return for the association/community. Prices for trees start at €250 (seller's share starting at €50).

Easy to implement

Onepuun fundraising is effortless and easy to implement. We provide ready-made
marketing materials and support throughout the entire process.

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