Anyone who wants a piece of the beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland for themselves.

You can get wood from our website or by contacting our customer service. After your purchase, we will send you an ownership certificate that tells you what kind of tree you own and where your tree is located in the Aurora forest.

You can give up the tree you own at any time and return its ownership back to Onepuu. Please note that in these situations we cannot return money already paid.

You can always sell your tree – it is your property. If you want to transfer your tree to the name of the new owner, please always contact customer service. When selling wood, you must of course also follow the contract conditions of Aurora forest.

You can name the tree as you wish, but respecting good manners and the principles of the Aurora forest: the Aurora forest is a place for everyone, and therefore the trees in the forest do not want to communicate a political or other similar agenda.

Of course! You are welcome in the forest at any time. Enjoy nature and feel like you’re at home, surrounded by your own tree. However, you must always be careful when moving in the forest. The forest rangers are not nearly always there, and movement is of course at your own risk – as always in nature.

Very much. The purpose of the Aurora forest is to bring nature closer to us humans, and to help remind us how beautiful Finnish Lapland can be. The whole idea of Onepuu came from love for nature.