The Aurora forest is open to everyone

The Aurora forest is located in Tervola, Finnish Lapland


The trees in the forest have numerous owners, all of whom are united by a love for nature and a desire to take care of it. Follow the activities of the forest remotely or come and visit the forest – the forest is open to everyone.

What all can you do in the Aurora forest?​

You can walk in the forest where you own something unique – a tree that tirelessly works for the environment. Enjoy the beautiful nature. Sit on a rock and listen to the silence of the forest. Feel how the rush and stress subside. Enjoy, for example, hot coffee in the shade of your own tree. Or if you can’t get there yourself, you can always stop for a moment and think that I own a piece of that wonderful landscape – a piece of Lapland’s most beautiful nature.

Why get a tree?

There can be many reasons for getting wood: wood is an ecological, sustainable and timeless gift. It reminds us how clean nature is connected to the well-being of all of us. By purchasing wood, you also protect the unique Finnish northern forest and its small, large and even endangered inhabitants. The purchase of wood is eco-friendly in the full sense of the word!

It’s also a great feeling to know that you own something that didn’t waste limited natural resources. On the contrary, your own tree is valuable for the environment – it provides protection for the forest’s inhabitants, beautifies the environment and takes care of the climate by binding carbon dioxide to itself.

If you want to learn more about the wonderful features of the forest, you can read more about it here!

We have a tree for your pet
Enjoy your coffee in the shade of your own tree
Enjoy your coffee in the shade of your own tree
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So do you want something unique for yourself?

That's what we thought!​

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